Another oracle enters the arena

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Enter Band Protocol

This week, ICONists were treated to some pleasant — and unexpected — news, when it was announced that ICON has partnered and integrated with Band Protocol, “a top provider of smart contract oracle services, into the ICON public blockchain,” according to the announcement.

Here’s more:

ICON’s extensive ecosystem combined with Band Protocol’s scalable oracles bridging the highest quality off-chain data sources will allow truly reliable and decentralized applications in DeFi, gaming, prediction, betting and lottery to be built.

Band Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain data oracle that connects smart contracts with scalable real-time external data, providing the tools for developers to specify and connect to any external data source or API with custom aggregation methods. They are backed by world-class investors such as Sequoia Capital and the top cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

Any ICON developer interested in leveraging real-world data already has the ability to integrate Band Protocol into their application. Using Band Protocol, ICON developers are able to tap into various built-in price feeds or create a customized oracle script fine-tuned to their needs.

Now, some ICONists may have been thinking — “Wait, I thought we already had an Oracle integration with Chainlink?”

Well, we do. But, when it comes to access to decentralized oracles, two is better than one (and three is better than two, and…you get the point).

Just like blockchain networks themselves, the more decentralization you can achieve when it comes to oracles, the better.

While oracles such as Chainlink and Band are decentralized themselves (they allow multiple links to evaluate the same data before being triggered), these networks themselves face the same (low) risks as blockchains.

Despite the best efforts of certain blockchain projects, they’ve still been susceptible to 51% or other types of attacks that destabilize the integrity of the network. The same is a possibility for decentralized oracles as well (although, again, it’s a very unlikely scenario).

So, ICON DApp developers who want an extra layer of security and ease-of-mind now have the opportunity to integrate multiple oracles to provide the information that their application requires.

Is this earth-shattering news that will cause the price of ICX to spike? Of course not — but it is just another piece of the long-term process of building a sustainable project and ecosystem that provides developers with as many tools as possible to build DApps with use cases that will allow for eventual mass adoption.

While small victories may not make headlines, ICON certainly has been racking up a lot of them over the months and years — and those victories are critical for the success of the project.

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BongAn Ha @_BongAnHa
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