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This week, Cryptoslate published an article entitled, “This top crypto company is returning to work as South Korea coronavirus outbreak slows”:

According to Min Kim, the founder of the leading crypto project ICON, all members of his project ‘s team are “back in the office 100% focused on work” in the wake of a multi-week lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19 in South Korea.

This is encouraging for a couple of clear reasons. First, it means that the COVID-19 situation in Korea has subsided enough to allow individuals to return to work. This is positive news from both a public health and economic standpoint. The population is less at-risk of catching COVID-19 and individuals can begin earning a living again.

More specifically, while ICON employees had been working remotely during the crisis, the fact they are now back in the office should do wonders for productivity. While development can be done remotely, it also requires a great deal of communication; nothing can replace the effectiveness of in-person communication.

Other projects have not been as fortunate. The Cryptoslate article continues:

Although the situation is getting better for ICON and presumably other crypto startups based in areas with minimal or shrinking COVID-19 outbreaks, other industry firms have been getting railed by the pandemic, namely the economic effects of it.

Just yesterday, it was reported by Decrypt that ConsenSys — the Ethereum-focused development studio founded by Joe Lubin — had laid off approximately 14 percent of its workforce, equivalent to 90 individuals. Lubin cited “extraordinary uncertainty” forcing the company to “conserve resources,” though this was the company’s second 14 percent layoff in two months.

This is the latest in a series of layoffs in the crypto space.

Also, per previous reports from CryptoSlate,, crypto mining firm Bitfarms, mining hardware manufacturer Bitfury, Chainalysis, Elliptic, CipherTrace, and BLOCKTV are amongst the other firms in the cryptocurrency space to have laid off some of their staff in response to the economic effects of the pandemic.

Furthermore, EOS creator, Ripple, and Blockworks Group, a crypto media and events company, have all implemented a hiring freeze.

Anyone following the blockchain industry has witnessed the gradual (or sometimes rapid) dissolution of projects or companies ever since the market peak in late 2017. Now, as we approach the three year anniversary of that market peak, it’s clear to see that some projects are likely going to be around for the long-run. It’s hard to dispute that ICON is among that group.

This turmoil all brings up recollections of the Dotcom bubble in the late 1990’s / early 2000s. A new form of technology brought a wave of entrepreneurship — nearly any company that had “.com” in the name saw incredible gains and valuations. The subsequent crash brought everyone with it. Everyone remembers the downfall of and other similar failures; however, those that had adequate resources and a product worth building weathered the storm:

Not only does ICON have the financial resources to continue marching forward, it also continues to make significant progress on their technology, product, and business development.

What matters most is the trend. Since the project launched, has the team’s productivity increased, or decreased? For many projects launched during the market bubble, they almost immediately began a downward trend — either in terms of resources or development (but very frequently, it was both).

For many others — including ICON — each day has been more successful than the last; based on ICON’s current resources, there will be far more similar days ahead.

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